Situated in the far east, on the border between Ormgard and the Dark Forest, Arnstadt is a strategically important town that acts as a fortress against the Darkness.  Despite this, (or perhaps because of it), it was chosen as the site for the old University, which was set up under the patronage of King Gerard to teach Elemental magic, Philosophy, Law and the Arts.  The University is unique in Ormgard and because of it the town attracts an unusually large number of wizards.  This along with the main temple of The Veiled Mother makes Arnstadt the foremost site of learning in the known world.


Arnstadt has no true walls to defend it, and relies on the protection of the Earldom in which it is situated and its knights.  In addition, the town is filled with numerous unsavoury individuals who come seeking to make profit from the Dark perils that surround the town, and the presence of these people (who are strangely loyal to the town) make it an uninviting prospect for brigands and Orcs.  The town has it’s own charter and is run by a council of townsfolk of good standing, and pays taxes directly to the King.

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