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Ormgard is the main game run by the Dreampedlar LRP group in preston, Ormgard is a 15 + Year old game set in a fantasy background of its own setting. The players makeup the famed adventurers of the free town of Weaselton.

Game is run by Ben Whitehead and Martyn Jones. Email queries can be sent to ormgardrefs@gmail.com

Price for games for Indoors - £3.50 Members £4.00 non members

Outdoors - to play £3.50 Members £4 non members Monstering is free but everyone pays £1 petrol fees.

Authorised Drivers are paid £5 petrol money from the club


The basic concept of the game is that the characters are fighting the struggle against Darkness. They are the ones who stand up to be counted when Darkness is all around. No player may start with any sort of dark magic (These are Non Player Characters-NPC). A character can of course have had some dark or murky background. No character may be Darkness at character creation. If a character was ever to become of the darkness, then that character will come under the control of the Campaign co-coordinator/referee and could no longer be played.

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