Ormgard Wiki

Far to the Northwest, bordering the Nordlands lies the remote frozen tundra of Svaldigern. The nation is sparseley populated, with no real central power structure; what passes for leadership is a loose council of elders representing the various villages and settlements dotted around the country.

Religion in Svaldigern is notable as its people revere Spirits, but for the most part do not acknowledge the existance of the Wyrm. Those who do, only recognise the being as a great Spiritual power amongst many others. Shamans of the land will often commune with different spirits dependant on what manner of guidance or service they seek.

The southern and central portion of Svaldigern is populated mostly by humans, with settlements dotted along the coast line and upon small islands of the archipeligo to the West. As the majority of these villages rely on sea fishing to sustain them, there are very few settlements within the mainland proper.

Within the Northen reaches of Svaldigern there are small communities of Elves, these elves have a similar belief structure to the humans of the southern tundra, however they revere 'The North Star' an entity thought to be aligned with both the Element of Water and Spiritual powers. Thus to these peoples, Elemental and Spiritual magics are viewed as two sides of the same coin.