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The Free Isles are a collection of islands far to the west, known to be a haven for all manner of pirates and neer do wells.

Once a colony of Castabon, the Isles won their 'freedom' when the outlaws and pirates joined forces with the native islanders to revolt against the Occupying foces. Ever since that bloody conflict the Isles have been a lawless and anarchistic state a haven for those who thrive on chaos.

The population of the isles is split between the Outlaws of the various ports, and the native islanders.

The Outlaws are a varied bunch by their very nature; a collection of Pirates, Criminals, Exciles, Free thinkers, World Travellers and the like. There are several ports throughout the Isle occupied by various factions of these kinds of people.

The native islanders keep to themselves for the most part; the only real condition of their original alliance with the Outlaws be that their privacy be respected and their settlements not be bothered. As such little is known of their ways and customs, however many speculate that they practice strange and alien magics.