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The Valley of the Dead is the name given to a deep and wide valley nestled within the Iron Ridge Mountains. Within the valley lies the oldest and largest graveyard in the realm, with a temple of Tarna at it's centre. Kings, heroes and other figures of historic importance have been buried in this valley for centuries.

In recent history, the Valley was taken over by a powerful Lich, Vivicus; The First Necromancer and Principality of Necromancy. Desecrating so great a burial site provided the Lich with hundreds of bodies to enlist into his army of Undeath.

After the defeat of his three Generals, whom the Lich had sent out to do his fould bidding elsewhere in the realm. The goodly peoples of Ormgard had united at the Valley to prepare for one last push to put the fiend down. However, weakened by defeats over the past months, and backed into a corner; Vivicus enacted a drastic plan. Wrenching himself out of his body he became a great dark mist of necromantic power; coating the entire valley with his darkness. Anyone whom entered the valley was sapped of their life and died within a mere minute.

A brave party of Adventurers, bolstered by mysterious Dwarven runes to protect them from the Darkness, set forth to put an end to the Lich once and for all. Despite two of their number (Sir Michael Barton, of the Order of Vigilance. And Sir Theoland Birch, young and devout Knight of Marnus) falling to the tricks and traps the Lich had left behind; the Adventurers prevaild in destroying the Lich's Phylacteries and driving a sword through his lifeless body.